Great Child CLASS:

Great Child CLASS:

A Powerful, Transformative Tool
for All Children in Groups & Family Households

  • One-hour, highly interactive and all-positive, for children ages 6 to 17
    (concepts used with children as young as 3).
  • Draws out natural strengths.
  • Kids affirm each other.
  • Children recognize what is great about themselves and others.
  • Enhances confidence and resilience.
  • Teaches better listening skills, seeing good in others, respect for all.
  • Triggers self-motivation.
  • Children learn to believe in themselves.
I'm A Great Child Worldwide

The 2nd Edition Great Child Class booklet now includes the traditional class and the home-based tool.  Available to download at no cost for schools and nonprofits working with children in high poverty areas.  Click on this link.

Reported Improvement Areas

Reported Improvement Areas
  • Higher School Grades
  • Leadership of Others
  • Learning to Be Kind
  • Good Character Development
  • Creating Healthier Lifestyles
  • Motivation to Achieve Goals
  • Overcoming Shyness
  • Acting as Role Models for Others
  • Making Positive Changes Within Families and Communities
  • Speaking Up in School Classes
  • Opening Up to Share Concerns
  • Respect for Self and Others
I'm A Great Child Worldwide
I'm A Great Child Worldwide

What's Great About You! For All Children In the world.

  • Fun and thought-provoking activities trigger self-motivation
  • Activity tools that include writing and drawing
  • Inspiring stories written by children in Africa
  • Tips for teachers, parents, and other caring adults

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I'm A Great Child Worldwide