The Great Child Program Provides:

The Great Child Program Provides:
  • The Great Child Class - Our Main Focus
  • Activities and Methods to Use Every Day
  • Training: For teachers, nonprofit staff, parents, and caregivers
  • Coaching: For parents and caregivers
  • Group Talks: For organizations and events



"The Great Child Program Evidence of Impact Report is great; outcomes are impressive."

- Noreen M. Huni, Former CEO,
REPSSI, South Africa
Reaches 2 million children with psychosocial support in 13 countries

"Our children always feared speaking, but this was like 'bushfire' with high spirits and all hands up to talk."

- Teacher in Kenya

"We've seen emerging identities, bonding, and confirmation happen across diverse groups of young people -- every time we do it.

It's the most impactful program I've seen work in the shortest time and with the least amount of adult effort."

- Greg Tolbert, President, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate, Serving 1,200 Youth

"The faces of the children in the class I attended are still with me. I could see the transformation and impact in them even though I did not know them.

From reading the children's stories, I am struck by the therapeutic outcomes that the children experience. As a human being and a counsellor, I love the program."

- Cecelia Rachier, Former Executive Director
Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors

"Our children were able to gain so much from this program, and our teachers were pushed to stretch and expand their work with children.

We also used this incredible opportunity to help children of poverty know they can and do make a difference in the world."

- Dr. Chuck Bagwell, United States
South Carolina 2013 Principal of the Year


The 2nd Edition Great Child Class booklet now includes the traditional class and the home-based tool.  Available to download at no cost for schools and nonprofits working with children in high poverty areas.  Click on this link.